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I absolutely love this website and I want to share it with you.


I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon Liminas Magazine  all I know is that I have been a fan ever since. Though I am not a post- grad young woman yet their content is easy to relate to. They have awesome career articles and  other articles about beauty, health, life


(it’s great really!). It’s the perfect  online magazine for young women who are (as the website dubs them) “quarter-lifers”. According to Liminas:

Liminas Magazine:  life, career, love, and everything in between. A grown-up girl’s guide for all things quarter-life.

Though I am not yet there I think it’s still a great resource for young women, so check it out my friends! (…and sorry to all you guys out there I don’t know how much you’ll get from this but you should still check it out!)

Oh and if you were wondering about the name it stems from the word

“Liminal” : of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in between, transitional

… it makes sense.


I want to go everywhere!


I want to travel so badly! … I want to visit everywhere! I want to go to Europe and the Pacific I want to visit Asia .. I want to visit the islands no one has ever heard of .. I want to go to Oregon, and Colorado…. I’m a New York-er (currently in southeast PA, KILL ME) dying to get a taste of the west coast , I wanna’ see Cali! I want to be able to write about it too..

… sorry for my ranting.. I’m just getting antsy I guess…

Get me out of here!

Another Earth : Review by Renee S.



I review movies I watch it’s what I do, or at least it’s what I like to do when I have time. I recently got to watch a film I have been dying to see it’s called Another Earth. I think I was even more interested in this film because I read about the lead (who also happens to be one of the writers of the movie), Brit Marling, who graduated from Georgetown with a degree in Economics(which I’m studying also!) and was offered a position with big time investment bank Goldman Sachs, and rejected the position to become an artist (cool right?!) . I digress sorry, this is my “review” …

Another Earth : Review by Renee S. 

IMDb Quick Summary : On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

Another Earth is mesmerizing, and though it is a sci-fi film it is also a powerful psychological drama  and a dark one at that. Rhoda is a 17 year old, recently accepted to MIT when the film begins.She is driving home from a party when she begins looking up at the newly discovered planet in the sky, and she strikes another vehicle killing a man’s pregnant wife and five year old son. The husband, William Mapother, went into a short coma which is why I suspect he has no idea what she looks like. When she leaves prison she does not attend MIT but decides to become a janitor instead, as she does not want to do anything that will allow her to think too much, nor does she want to interact with anyone. She feels guilty and she decides one day to apologize to William  but instead she loses her nerve and begins cleaning his house hoping that she can somehow help to make his life better.

I loved this film, I know this sounds strange but there is something really light about this film. This is not like other sci-fi films it does not need over the top CGI or graphics because they are  not needed to tell the story. The other plant dubbed Earth II is an ever present thought,  questions are always raised… did Rhoda commit the same mistake? Is William’s family still alive?… Have they all made the same mistakes? The writing was superb and actress Brit Marling portrayed Rhoda beautifully, my guess is because she helped write the character she was so familiar with her,every step of the way we feel Rhoda’s pain. Though it is a sci-fi film it is oddly a story we can all connect with, we have all made mistakes and we would all wonder the same things if there were another you out there (even though we all know that another earth may not appear in the sky tomorrow) .  This is truly a breath of fresh air , it’s different and it is really hard to stop watching, oh and no spoilers but I loved the ending, the last few seconds of the film are really cool. Go see it!



My mother bought me a sewing machine!


It’s a brother and it’s small and it’s absolutely perfect! I have always designed these gowns and various articles of clothing but I have never had the privilege of sewing my designs myself.

*My heart flutters when I think about it…*

People ask why I chose not to go to a fashion or an art school and when I was younger I told myself that I was being practical. The truth is that designing clothing is something that brings me such joy that I didn’t want to risk going to school for it. To clarify if it became “work” then it wouldn’t be so precious to me, or at least this is what I believe .

Designing clothes is near and dear to my heart and it always will be … but on my terms and my free time. I will continue to get my education in Economic and Advertising (subjects I also enjoy) and I find comfort in knowing that at the end of the day the designs dancing around in my head will become reality on a mannequin with my perfect brother sewing machine.

Kudos to “CAJ”

Another Earth, Melancholia (Movies)


I am dying to see these two movies! … I’ll put up some reviews once I actually get to watch them.  I really like sci-fi type movies, ones that will make you think. I also have a weakness for superhero movies, anyway I digress… I’m going to watch them now so I’ll let you all know how they were!

I saw a commercial today and it got me thinking

Which life is of more importance?


So I saw one of those commercials on TV about the SPCA . You know, one of those Ads that use pathos (an appeal to your emotions) to manipulate you into feeling terrible for not doing something about their cause. You know the commercial with the sad slow music and fragile looking dogs with the huge eyes. I have nothing against animal lovers, or their causes… but it makes my stomach turn to think that people would jump to give money to save animals, but children die everyday. There are clothing stores for people’s pets, and even animal fashion shows, and no one finds it a bit sickening. There are dogs that eat better than human beings. I guess my real problem is that I feel people are worried about the wrong things these days…