This too shall pass [short story]


she sat with her legs crossed in front of the couch, sifting through the mountain of clothing on the living room floor. She seemed indifferent and everyone agreed that her reaction seemed odd.  She sorted the clothing into three different piles, her sister watched her leaning against the door frame.

” did you do it?” her sister asked, seeming calm but  almost afraid of the answer.

She looked up slowly “What if I did?”

Her sister shrugged and joined her on the floor “need help?”

She smiled and answered “yes, the smell of this repugnant cologne on his clothing is starting to get to me,”

Her sister picked up a shirt gingerly, and looked at her ” he was a real prick,” the sister paused and to examined the shirt “but he had style, you should bury him in this”

She took the shirt from her sister and put it on the couch behind her ” yeah that was one of his favorites. I think I’ll leave him in the pants he was wearing the night it happened,”

Her sister glanced at her ” you shouldn’t speak of it, just push it from your mind like it never happened,”

“I don’t regret it, just wish I didn’t have to remember it,” she said

“I know, but some things just have to be done,” the sister placed her hand on her younger siblings shoulder “don’t be afraid, you have nothing to worry about. it was clean,”

“No! you have nothing to worry about! you’ve never killed your husband!” she snapped.

Her sister removed her hand from her shoulder, she was silent for a moment staring at the ground as if she were trying to collect her thoughts, to respond. slowly raising her head displaying a coy smile, as if she had a secret “remain calm sister, this too shall pass,”


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