I promised to be fair..


And I will stay true to that but I was reading on the Huffington Post like I usually do and of course I ran into some political articles. Generally I steer clear of these types of articles because my blood boils when I read most of them, not because of the content usually but because of the commentary by  people who are fed up and need to blame someone.Before I say anything I  feel the need to tell you that I consider myself “Independent” when it comes to politics, I really don’t have a side picked. That being said I am irritated with the views of those who swore that the debt crisis America is in could be fixed in a 4 year presidency. The financial crisis began in 2008 officially(some argue it started in 2007) when president Bush was in office. I feel as though President Obama has done an alright job considering, in my opinion he could have done more but he is only human. Americans put him on a pedestal when he was being sworn in they idolized him but they forgot that he was a human being as they are too. I think the President has done what he could possibly in these last three years, and I feel as though he is fit for his job and another four years, especially since the current GOP has no clear leader yet, and to be honest I don’t see one. As I have stated before I am an Independent I do not agree completely with the Democratic party but neither do I favor the Republican party.  I am welcoming anyone’s commentary, and please remember this is a neutral zone everyone’s ideas and commentary will be respected, I love to hear from all sides … it keeps life interesting.

I will be voting for the first in the 2012 Election I just like to hear about everything.



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  1. I agree that Obama should be re-elected, although I’m not happy with everything he has done so far. The Solyndra bailout was not one of his brightest moments. I think he would have a much harder time being re-elected if not for the obnoxiously weak Republican class this year. It seems there is not a competent Republican in the group of potential candidates. Unfortunately, it also seems that the level of voter competence is equally low. Perhaps we’d benefit from less blogging and more newspaper reading.

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