My mother bought me a sewing machine!


It’s a brother and it’s small and it’s absolutely perfect! I have always designed these gowns and various articles of clothing but I have never had the privilege of sewing my designs myself.

*My heart flutters when I think about it…*

People ask why I chose not to go to a fashion or an art school and when I was younger I told myself that I was being practical. The truth is that designing clothing is something that brings me such joy that I didn’t want to risk going to school for it. To clarify if it became “work” then it wouldn’t be so precious to me, or at least this is what I believe .

Designing clothes is near and dear to my heart and it always will be … but on my terms and my free time. I will continue to get my education in Economic and Advertising (subjects I also enjoy) and I find comfort in knowing that at the end of the day the designs dancing around in my head will become reality on a mannequin with my perfect brother sewing machine.

Kudos to “CAJ”


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