Racism’s newest and most popular outlet : “the internet”


I have to write about this before my head explodes!

As much as people would like to pretend that racism is so “1950’s” and that because we are in the year 2012 society has evolved so much that racism is merely an afterthought… Well to all of those : wake up! People pretend to be morally outraged when they witness it then they get on with their lives and pat themselves on the back because it makes them feel so good to be so “accepting”… but I digress. The point is that racism is everywhere and its’ presence is most powerful on the internet.

For some strange reason sitting behind a keyboard gives people this false sense of power, the most hateful and demeaning things are said,recorded ,tweeted etc. on the internet. I have read more racial epithets about the President and his family since his election than I’d like to admit. I’ve been called all kinds of “n***er” over the internet, I’ve been told that Black women are the most undesirable race of women, and that 42% have herpes and that we are worthless. I have seen the N-word in all forms and it burns every time I see or hear it, especially from Blacks (will blog more about just this issue). I have seen someone trying to be “funny” by attempting to post swastikas all over their Facebook (by the way they used the wrong sign, and my family is Jewish). I have run into most of the racism on YouTube, I plan to write a letter to their corporate offices to let them know they should monitor their comments better… it’s disgusting.

I have been told that my race is full of dogs, that we are animals. It has become so increasingly overwhelming for me not that I have struggled with low self-esteem, but waking up everyday knowing that society hates me because of the way I look is hard and disheartening, I feel like I have to work a million times harder to prove that I am an equal.

I feel worse for my brother, he is one of the most brilliant human beings I have ever had the chance to know, but people will always judge him because he’s a Black male. We are the nothings of society, we are the “throw aways” , we are worthless objects of ridicule and yet … we are still here.

My real problem with the cowards who sit behind their computers and spew hate via the “inter webs” is that none of this will ever be said to my face or any other Black person at that. I call them cowards because this is what they are, not only because they sit behind their computers and type horrible things about other people, but because they are not brave enough to better themselves: they would rather bask in their ignorance.

I really don’t know sometimes whether or not to feel angry or sad. Most days I am a combination of both but I do know one thing : I will never stoop to that level, I am so much better than that.


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  1. I hear you completely. If I may add to that, what you expressed is just not confined to one particular group race, it’s prevalent and other smaller groups have been targeted too. A fringe section of one group tries to take that false satisfaction of being part of superior species. It’s the small section that is unable to compete or succeed in life and/or career and the hate is just a way to hide their failure as pathetic loser. The rage they vent out on web is an attempt to nurse their bruised ego.
    It is hard to stomach the fact that, a group once (not far back in history) so under-privileged is now capturing new heights in every walk of life. I think sworning of President Obama topped it off. For someone who’s come half way across the glob to live in NY, yes there have been times where I’ve been lashed with racial slurs. I pity their ignorance, intolerance and savagery and move on.

    • You’re so correct that this racism isn’t confined to just one group and I’m sorry that you have had to experience this also I long for a world where skin color, race , etc. are not used to judge ones character …

  2. Don’t worry, haters will always hate. Blacks are not the only ones who are judged. The ones who write hate speeches on internet are always going to sit there when the ones who are being judges will be achievers. Let them waste their time.

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