These would be a bit depressing…


If they weren’t so absolutely gorgeous. they’re just so beautiful  you  just want to cry

I appreciate the talent that went into creating them.

…I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wonder down I wanna’ come too I think that possibly maybe I’m falling for you,”- Landon Pigg

” I’ve waited a hundred years…but I’d wait a million more for you…”Sleeping at Last 

“Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found”  – Sia

I know I’m a bit sappy at time… but you love it!  *Cheers my loves and enjoy!*


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  1. Why haven’t I heard of Landon Pigg and Turning Page before? Thank you for bringing their voices into my life 😀 My favourite Sia song is I Go To Sleep, it’s just so soothing and relaxing. Actually, I like all her songs…

    • Sia is awesome, I really like her song “My Love” also her voice is like a dream. London Pigg I found them through a commercial, I googled the lyrics because I loved the song so much and I found them. As for Sleeping at Last I saw their song in a movie also and I fell in love 🙂 I ‘m glad we have similar tastes I will be posting more about music!

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