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Vogue Cover…


Adele’s Vogue Cover has inspired me to write this, I Love It!

So I saw that  Adele was on the cover of the March issue of Vogue Magazine and I was overjoyed! I know that Vogue is supposed to be “high fashion” and high fashion does not  equate to being curvy so I loved that they put her on the cover.

I am not an advocate for obesity, but I am an advocate for women who are bigger and still healthy I mean those who are not exactly a size 2 or 0 (by the way I am not saying that these are unhealthy sizes, some people are naturally thin with very fast metabolisms). I have a problem with a society that believes that looking darn near skeletal is the only way to look “good”. I have known people who went to dire strains to become thin, they tried fad diets, stopped  eating altogether or even snorted cocaine (yes, really). And all for what? What we see on television? In a magazine? On the clothing website we love so much? Or how we struggle  in the dressing room when their “large” can’t even make it past our hips?

I have always been bigger than my peers, it’s just my build, my frame is not that of a very small woman.  When I see bigger women on TV I like it 🙂 . Christina Hendricks is amazing and gorgeous, and designers screams how much they love her look but still won’t even make clothing for her… ?
I think Adele is beautiful, I think Whitney Thompson (the first plus sized winner of ANTM) is lovely, Jill Scott… I could go on and on . I had to learn like everyone else that I was made a certain way and this is who I am  for life, people have to love what they’ve got or we’ll all be unhappy! That’s the theme for this Valentine’s Day I think  Love yourself so that you may be able to love someone else.

Happy Valentines Day ! 


H&M Spring 2012 Collection has got me ‘balling’ (or appearing to) on a budget



If you have read my “about me”  section then you know that I live in New York City (NYC), and if you know anything about NYC is that H&M’s are on just about every block (that was an exaggeration, they’re in just about every neighborhood though). H&M is my favorite place to shop when I want to look like I’m “balling and shot-calling” but clearly lacking “playa-playa” mullah. I am a college student, and most of my money is spent on the “newest versions” of my textbooks (which are usually just ‘different/updated’ pictures) and various forms of “food”, including but not limited to, ramen noodles, nutella sandwiches, maybe some provolone cheese for my turkey sandwiches if I am lucky and of course the inevitable cafeteria food that I must eat because it’s included in my tuition…hmmm.

Anyway back to H&M so I saw their spring collection last month and liked it (note the use of the word ‘liked’ not ‘loved’)! Well I like most of it at least. As always I expect H&M to deliver, and they did… sorta. When I glanced at the floral top with the black trim Miranda Priestly  a character from The Devil Wears Prada popped into my head instantly  “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

And then I saw the rest of the collection and thought…     ‘Alright, I’ll be able to work with this…



I must admit the color choices for spring are almost always the same for most designers the pale yellows, light corals, pinks… you get the point. It’s just boring after a while, which is why I do appreciate them trying to brighten everything up this year. I also enjoy the cut/style of some of  the shirts, I love the bright orange  jeans and I really like those striped pants. I would never wear these pants (confession: I probably can’t fit them, I’m just  being little bitter) but I love them. I’m also really into their accessories. I am one of those “fashionistas” who don’t regularly  practice what they so sincerely preach and I am working on this. I really do believe that  “accessories make the outfit” and they have some really cool ones like chunky jewelry & luxe handbags I just might have a field day!

One of the main reasons the H&M spring collection caught my eye this year         is because of the model they used, she’s brown! Yes! Now I’ll know what it’ll really look like on me (minus 50+ lbs) !

The model they used is named Liya Kebede and she is of Ethiopian decent.  Doesn’t she just scream FABULOUS? I think her skin color really helped to accent some of the colors they chose to use. All in all I love H&M I think that they offer  reasonable prices for some really cool pieces, and if you are near an H&M  go see the collection for yourself  and form your own opinions,I’d love to hear what you think!

Attending Fashion Week



So my last post was a little depressing, but I’m feeling a little better thinking about how awesome it will be to attend my first fashion week! I am super excited to be able to witness Mercedes Benz’s Fashion Week F/W 2012 collections.  I probably got the chance of a lifetime when I landed my current internship. I won’t tell you where it is, and though it is a ton of work I truly cannot complain about my experience thus far. I am truly blessed, and humbled …

I honestly can’t find one brunette cover that I “love” right now… 

Sometimes I think I’m selfish…


You probably get tired of reading my posts like this but I was thinking the other day how selfish it would be for me to bring a child into this world. Why bring my child into a world where they will be hated for their appearance? Why should my children have to work 10X harder to prove themselves to society, to meticulously monitor their every move, their every word , to find every way around a stereotype only to fall right back into that mold, because that’s where people want you to stay. They will be  judged constantly…it isn’t fair. 

I have always wanted children, I love kids and I am a generally optimistic (I actually am), but thinking realistically  our world will never change. .. won’t I just be torturing them?

“… or maybe I’m just being  too cynical”

Irritate Me…


I know I haven’t posted in a little , and I hate to start off on such a negative note but I was just thinking today about things that irritate me…
And if you’re wondering why you should care
….well, because you just should!


Let’s Begin…

1) Whiners!
No one likes a whiner, why? Because no one likes listening to a whiner. Who wants to talk to someone who complains all of the time and usually about things that either cannot change or they won’t change themselves.


 Ugh! I’m so tired of being fat, I look disgusting all of the time [while eating a jelly donut, …and fries]

… Eew

RS:   “Why are your impulse control issues… my problem?”


2) Young people who claim to “know about politics” but really don’t know about politics…

Society is convinced that Generation Y are a bunch of “know-it-alls” who really don’t know too much at all. At the ripe ole age of 18 please don’t tell me that Ronald Reagan was the greatest president… you weren’t even alive during his presidency.


I’m voting for him because I believe in ‘CHANGE‘ and it’ll be cool to have a Black president! [say’s the girl who’s actually a conservative, until she needs an abortion ] YIKES!

RS :  “So what kind of change?…And not because he’s qualified, but because he’s Black? Right…


3) People who have no direction…

Alright so maybe this shouldn’t really bother me because everyone has that phase… sorta,but seriously this gets super annoying . Today you’re an English major tomorrow you’re a Liberal Arts major,  and then a History major, then Business… only to settle on Musical Theater.



Clueless Child: “I have no idea what to major in, or what to do with my life…”

Smart Friend: “Isn’t your tuition like 70k a year?”

Clueless Child:         “yeah…”

Smart Friend:     “what are your hobbies? Maybe that will help,”

Clueless Child:      “I like to walk dogs and sing in the shower! Maybe I’ll sing! And become famous!” *begins to sing

Smart Friend:      “Save your money,”

This list could be longer, but then I would only be contradicting number one …