Irritate Me…


I know I haven’t posted in a little , and I hate to start off on such a negative note but I was just thinking today about things that irritate me…
And if you’re wondering why you should care
….well, because you just should!


Let’s Begin…

1) Whiners!
No one likes a whiner, why? Because no one likes listening to a whiner. Who wants to talk to someone who complains all of the time and usually about things that either cannot change or they won’t change themselves.


 Ugh! I’m so tired of being fat, I look disgusting all of the time [while eating a jelly donut, …and fries]

… Eew

RS:   “Why are your impulse control issues… my problem?”


2) Young people who claim to “know about politics” but really don’t know about politics…

Society is convinced that Generation Y are a bunch of “know-it-alls” who really don’t know too much at all. At the ripe ole age of 18 please don’t tell me that Ronald Reagan was the greatest president… you weren’t even alive during his presidency.


I’m voting for him because I believe in ‘CHANGE‘ and it’ll be cool to have a Black president! [say’s the girl who’s actually a conservative, until she needs an abortion ] YIKES!

RS :  “So what kind of change?…And not because he’s qualified, but because he’s Black? Right…


3) People who have no direction…

Alright so maybe this shouldn’t really bother me because everyone has that phase… sorta,but seriously this gets super annoying . Today you’re an English major tomorrow you’re a Liberal Arts major,  and then a History major, then Business… only to settle on Musical Theater.



Clueless Child: “I have no idea what to major in, or what to do with my life…”

Smart Friend: “Isn’t your tuition like 70k a year?”

Clueless Child:         “yeah…”

Smart Friend:     “what are your hobbies? Maybe that will help,”

Clueless Child:      “I like to walk dogs and sing in the shower! Maybe I’ll sing! And become famous!” *begins to sing

Smart Friend:      “Save your money,”

This list could be longer, but then I would only be contradicting number one …


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  1. Not sure where would I fall on your list but here’s where I stand on “Irritate me” list …
    1) Other than IRS I don’t whine about anything. Well not my fault there. They started it. Every paycheck they take a big chunk & come April they still want more. I usually owe IRS in April & that’s because of that silly “marriage penalty Tax” we have. (Puts you in a higher bracket with combined income)

    No I don’t claim to know them, because I think they don’t know me/us. I still vote the party (for the ideology that closely matches mine)

    I have absolute clarity here. I follow my wife’s direction & we have a happy home.

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