H&M Spring 2012 Collection has got me ‘balling’ (or appearing to) on a budget



If you have read my “about me”  section then you know that I live in New York City (NYC), and if you know anything about NYC is that H&M’s are on just about every block (that was an exaggeration, they’re in just about every neighborhood though). H&M is my favorite place to shop when I want to look like I’m “balling and shot-calling” but clearly lacking “playa-playa” mullah. I am a college student, and most of my money is spent on the “newest versions” of my textbooks (which are usually just ‘different/updated’ pictures) and various forms of “food”, including but not limited to, ramen noodles, nutella sandwiches, maybe some provolone cheese for my turkey sandwiches if I am lucky and of course the inevitable cafeteria food that I must eat because it’s included in my tuition…hmmm.

Anyway back to H&M so I saw their spring collection last month and liked it (note the use of the word ‘liked’ not ‘loved’)! Well I like most of it at least. As always I expect H&M to deliver, and they did… sorta. When I glanced at the floral top with the black trim Miranda Priestly  a character from The Devil Wears Prada popped into my head instantly  “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

And then I saw the rest of the collection and thought…     ‘Alright, I’ll be able to work with this…



I must admit the color choices for spring are almost always the same for most designers the pale yellows, light corals, pinks… you get the point. It’s just boring after a while, which is why I do appreciate them trying to brighten everything up this year. I also enjoy the cut/style of some of  the shirts, I love the bright orange  jeans and I really like those striped pants. I would never wear these pants (confession: I probably can’t fit them, I’m just  being little bitter) but I love them. I’m also really into their accessories. I am one of those “fashionistas” who don’t regularly  practice what they so sincerely preach and I am working on this. I really do believe that  “accessories make the outfit” and they have some really cool ones like chunky jewelry & luxe handbags I just might have a field day!

One of the main reasons the H&M spring collection caught my eye this year         is because of the model they used, she’s brown! Yes! Now I’ll know what it’ll really look like on me (minus 50+ lbs) !

The model they used is named Liya Kebede and she is of Ethiopian decent.  Doesn’t she just scream FABULOUS? I think her skin color really helped to accent some of the colors they chose to use. All in all I love H&M I think that they offer  reasonable prices for some really cool pieces, and if you are near an H&M  go see the collection for yourself  and form your own opinions,I’d love to hear what you think!


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