Vogue Cover…


Adele’s Vogue Cover has inspired me to write this, I Love It!

So I saw that  Adele was on the cover of the March issue of Vogue Magazine and I was overjoyed! I know that Vogue is supposed to be “high fashion” and high fashion does not  equate to being curvy so I loved that they put her on the cover.

I am not an advocate for obesity, but I am an advocate for women who are bigger and still healthy I mean those who are not exactly a size 2 or 0 (by the way I am not saying that these are unhealthy sizes, some people are naturally thin with very fast metabolisms). I have a problem with a society that believes that looking darn near skeletal is the only way to look “good”. I have known people who went to dire strains to become thin, they tried fad diets, stopped  eating altogether or even snorted cocaine (yes, really). And all for what? What we see on television? In a magazine? On the clothing website we love so much? Or how we struggle  in the dressing room when their “large” can’t even make it past our hips?

I have always been bigger than my peers, it’s just my build, my frame is not that of a very small woman.  When I see bigger women on TV I like it 🙂 . Christina Hendricks is amazing and gorgeous, and designers screams how much they love her look but still won’t even make clothing for her… ?
I think Adele is beautiful, I think Whitney Thompson (the first plus sized winner of ANTM) is lovely, Jill Scott… I could go on and on . I had to learn like everyone else that I was made a certain way and this is who I am  for life, people have to love what they’ve got or we’ll all be unhappy! That’s the theme for this Valentine’s Day I think  Love yourself so that you may be able to love someone else.

Happy Valentines Day ! 


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  1. Hey There Reneestephanie,
    Interesting Thoughts, Hey everyone! So recently I’ve started to really like the names below. My only issue is I only want to get rid of one name and add only one, I’m having trouble deciding which one. If you could just tell me which one is your favourite it would be a great help.

    -Ella Rhiannon
    -Willa Imogen
    -Anastasia Phyllis / Anastasia Stephanie / Anastasia Lauren
    -Isadora Cecile

    BQ: What are your top two favourite names?

    Thanks guys!
    Keep up the good work

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