“Slight” life change, but I’m being cautious ..


First, allow me to say that I have neglected my blog for quite sometime and I really do have a good excuse. I was busy with schoolwork and life.. and more school work … and sometimes sleep if I were lucky… but that’s not what I really wanna talk about…

When I was younger I would watch television and plays put on, I would run into the bathroom lock the door behind me and spend hours mimicking the lines and movements of those I had watched. I tried to pursue this but it was a financial commitment my family could not make, so the older I got the more this dream began to fade away. I thought it unrealistic that I could ever become an actress, and then I began to criticize those who were following their dreams. The truth is that I was jealous because they were brave enough to follow their dreams and I was not. I thought myself the logical and practical  person for pushing my dreams aside. OKAY, don’t get me wrong I love my course work and I love what I am studying and that is not changing at all, but I have also decided to pursue acting. I know I may sound silly but I don’t want to look back and think “well, I wonder what could have been?”. I know that will haunt me, I’m not looking to become some hotshot (though it does sound nice) I just want to tell a story.

To people who know me, I think they believe this came out of left field, but I am glad to say that most of them support me. I am now 20 years old, and all I keep thinking is that I could have done this earlier, I could have been well on my way in my career. Then I think about all of the people I have encountered being in college the opportunities that have I have been awarded because of all my hard work, and I don’t regret my decision to go to college and study Marketing (gotta sell myself right?) and Economics (I can play a politician/Banker/Mogul? hah!). I have been looking for an acting coach, or classes I can take to strengthen my resume [because all of my professional internships mean jack to a talent agency].  I guess I should get small speaking roles in student films, actually I’ll try to be an extra. I guess I really need to work this all out…

At least I’ll know I tried right?


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