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Cut from the same cloth… [short story]


On this day she rose earlier that usual to the sound of her alarm. She stretched her svelte body slowly over her satin sheets. She rolled over and glanced at the time it read 10:45 AM, she smiled lightly .  The 35 year old woman was content with her life, she had no serious complaints and unlike most women her age she thoroughly enjoyed having no one to share her bed with.

She rose after a few minutes and and pranced over to her walk in closet.  She stood there for a second examining the two sides of her closet.One side filled with designer dresses, and jackets, Christian Loubitin heels and too many watches to count. The other side filled with exactly three pairs of dress shoes a slew of dress shirts and pants and a few baseball caps that were color coordinated with the t-shirts folded under them.  She rolled her eyes at his simple taste, she thought it was a waste of closet space.

She stalked over to his clothes and pulled a dark colored shirt from the hanger and some tan slacks and laid them out. She then walked over to her side and pulled out a form fitting black dress to wear, and nude colored heels. She liked order and she like to be prepared for everything, she laid her clothing out next to his neatly, then showered.

She stepped out into the slightly chilled air, the weather had been surprising for the season, but as usual she wasn’t a complainer, she walked a few blocks until she spotted a clean looking food cart where she ordered .

“Here you are ma’am one coffee, black,” he handed her the coffee

She looked up from her mobile device “Oh yes thank you dear,” she handed the man too much money and walked away without asking for the change.

“Have a happy new year miss!” he shouted after realizing the generous “tip”  she left him

“To you the same ” she flashed a dazzling smile, put her sunglasses on,and waltzed away. His heart rate increased, she had this affect on men.

She walked a few more blocks to her destination, and sashayed  in without even acknowledging the person at the front desk, the young woman didn’t seem bothered by this as she continued to file her nails.

An old woman appeared in the doorway “May I help you miss?” her voice small and shaky, she wasn’t a nervous woman, but after so many years of being second in the business her husband built, she was unsure of herself after his recent passing. She was old but  strong, and knew she would live for a long time. To her the future seemed hopeful, the prospect of a long life without her husband after so many years was … exciting.

“No,” she paused ” well yes, you can help me. I am looking for a mahogany casket, beautiful in design, one that can possibly be monogrammed, in black,”


The old woman was taken aback, most of her customers weren’t so forward coming with details of burying their loved ones. She decided to proceed cautiously, this could be a coping mechanism  ” Well, we have some lovely mahogany ones in our showing room would you like to see?”

The woman nodded ” I’d love to love to see them,” she flashed another one of her dazzling smiles and followed the old woman.

The old woman ran through her usual sales pitches, showing the most expensive caskets, talking about their finishes and how long they would last as she listened intently. The old woman paused regarding her.

“May I ask who you are burying?” she said clearly embarrassed that she hadn’t asked before

” My husband,” the woman gave a weak smile

” Oh honey,” she said wide eyed distracted by her thoughts. ” I’m so sorry.” you poor thing

The woman stared impassively at the old woman, then turned to face the caskets again.

“when did it happen?” the old woman was concerned , so young to lose her husband

“It will happen in June…” she trailed off, she turned on her heel to face the old woman and gave a slight smile.

Oh my  the old woman thought, she peered into her eyes  “we’re cut from the same cloth aren’t we honey?”