My Dearest Blog…


I realize that I have seriously neglected you. My life has been a bit more interesting than usual these past few weeks and for that very reason I have been unable to write to my  heart’s content.  There is a list so brace yourself…


Since my last post I have :

  •  tried to find the deeper meaning in the newest book series to make everyone blush (in the best way possible) Fifty Shades of Grey … It’s a work -in-progress
  •  My grandfather has passed away (ironically I found out as I was posting my last entry)
  • discovered that I have a passion for  helping and encouraging people to do what they love… Which has inspired me to start my own business … This too is a work-in -progress
  •  Decided not to give up on acting, I can’t let myself not at least try…
  •  I visited Jamaica , for my grandfather’s Funeral (but mostly for a seriously needed vacation)
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that people at their core are selfish , no matter how we try to spin this …
  • We’re not all good (blog post to come on this seemingly depressing realization)
  •  I have decided to create a blog just for my short stories (I think this can work)
  •  I have decided that planning my life was overrated .  I plan to,  for lack of better wording, ‘wing-it’  ….

(at least until the federal government decides to come after me for my student loans )

  • I got an audition for a short film (it’s paid )
  • I decided to write a script … (I know, just go with it ‘kay?)
  •  I’ve made the dean’s list, phew! (exhales heavily, Sags into couch wipes forehead )
  • Decided to become serious about my weight loss plan (yeah…)
  •  .. . But I still embrace my curviness… (I really do like my butt… most days)
  • Got my hair cut, it’s nice. But I miss my weave .
  •  I have decided to trust my intelligence more often (I’m much smarter than I give myself credit for  )
  • I also discovered I need to find really creative ways to make money … (suggestions, anyone?)

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  1. You’re very beautiful. You have an interesting writing style. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you achieve the things you want to…

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