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Studying in Germany.


I had my heart set on going to London, I love to travel, but I’ve yet to visit Europe so I figured with such a central location I’d be able to travel everywhere every weekend and see most of Europe while I was there. BUT! My study abroad adviser suggested a few other places (he probably thought I was lazy because I speak two other languages,French & Spanish, and I didn’t want to to study in those countries) and after great thought I decided that studying in Germany would be a great idea! I’ll keep you posted on the details [or I’ll try at least]



Dearest “curvy” ladies! It appears we are appreciated :)



So you know how I am all about “curvy” or “real” women being represented in the media, well I found this magazine called SLINK Magazine … please check it out. I’m not one of those fat pride people, I’m just tired of of everyone else’s ideas of what “represents women” in the median they’re always so flawed.

SLiNK Magazine

Also check out this spread in Vogue Italia of all “curvy” models, these women are truly inspiring so beautiful



I am sorry that I’ve neglected writing on here  for so long, I’ve honestly been SUPER busy with 2 internships and now school (my first day is tomorrow!) I promise to write something every week, even if it’s’ just a note. I want to try and keep this blog interesting for ALL who are kind enough to read my jumbled thoughts.  – Renee