Untitled [Short Story]


I am having the diamond placed under my skin today , I am nervous. You only get married once right? And even if you are to be married twice there will always be that scar from the last diamond they’d removed from beneath your skin. Nicore’s mother is thrice divorced, and she will have to wear an actual ring the fourth time she’ll be married ,Nicore is embarrassed by this.  I don’t know why this embarrasses her they used to wear rings on the left hand many years ago to indicate marriage. She was the one who claimed she “just loved vintage” …


I have heard many stories or people having their gems removed and their veins being nicked and then dying. Most people think its uber poetic and all to die because you’ve had to be separated from your ‘soul-mate’ … I think it’s tragic and an uber waste of life. Why should that person die because they’d unfortunately gotten involved with the wrong person.? Especially these days when people were so desperate to marry off their children because of the futile attempts to reproduce and up our dying population…


My mother thought for the longest time that I spoke like  a ‘feminist lesbian’. I’ve had to remind her too many times that the latter terms aren’t necessarily  synonymous but she’s ignorant, old and opinionated. She’d always say things like “you’ll never be married will you? Or have children? I’ll die never being a grandmother… Or watching you walk down the aisle in some off-white dress because heavens knows you probably shouldn’t wear white.” I love my mother, honestly, even if she often made seriously wrong inferences about my sexual status. I tell myself she means well to stop myself from lacing her oatmeal with rat poison.


Darian is my fiancé, he’s tall , serious, handsome, financially stable and the perfect gentleman, honestly.
He’s “passionate” about his work [money] at the financial ministry, I pretend to listen. Truth be told it bores me to know the financial status of those in our area… He had a couple of hobbies when we first started dating like coin collecting, and bat mitten also Tetris and solitaire. He has since forgotten them in his avaricious attempts at climbing the ranks at the ministry.
Our only attempt at sex went so horribly that we’ve decided to forgo the whole thing until we’ve officially married in the eyes of the judiciaries, and our diamonds have been implanted … I’m fine with it.


I am Aria, born 26 years ago in the 16th area of the  world consulate. Today I’m having my diamond placed. I’m being married today to Darian. I’m excited about this, honestly.

I get to wear an expensive gown, and plenty of jewelry, I get to have the diamond placed under my skin in my society’s gruesome attempt at slowing the divorce rate. My reception will have many cakes and pastries and wonderful catering. The best part will be the wine, which I’ll probably not need for a good time, honestly.


My mother is up and shuffling about, I can hear her; she isn’t graceful. I’m laying in my bed staring at my left hand “you’ll never be the same,” I mutter and part of me knows I’m not just talking to my hand.


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