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Things that spark my interest in the news

I don’t like to talk about things like this, but I honestly cannot help myself.


I was looking forward to 2012 and what it had in store for me until I realized that this year just might annoy me to death., and no not just because everyone is convinced that the world just might end because a calender made by the Mayans (they more than likely just ran out of space on the darn thing) who predicted our fate . I am annoyed because I will have to deal with all of the campaigns for presidency and the attacks on Obama, and I feel compelled to to talk about what I’m seeing and hearing.

When president Clinton left office in 2000 there was a projected surplus by 2018, when president Bush took office (and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because the twin towers were struck in 2001) that all changed. George W. Bush is not completely to blame, the attitudes and wastefulness of American is also to blame. We have watched super powers collapse for year, why did\do we think that our economy (thought the largest in the world) cannot  collapse? This mindset is appalling and as we see today, in the news in economic reports,etc. it is far from true. I am an independent when it comes to politics; I wouldn’t consider myself a liberal at all, but I would say the way people have viewed Obama and what he has done thus far is a bit harsh. The president who came before him was  quite incompetent (people may argue that Obama is also), alongside the mismanagement of funds by the banks, and other financial entities left Obama with an overwhelming job. With a national debt 403% of the GDP in 2007 (I shutter to think what it is now) the president cannot fix the state of the economy in two terms let alone the one he has yet to finish serving.

 “Why don’t you take a look at where the debt came from instead of who was stuck with it.”

-Anonymous comment online

I agree!

On the other hand I was told that Obama promised he could fix this in one term… (I’m guessing he’s never taken an economics course?) I have no idea how much truth there is to that statement but why would he make such an absurd promise, to later backtrack. Another thing I can’t stand is that Obama is so passive. Though he may have had great ideas to help stimulate the American economy. He is not aggressive enough with congress to get them to take the economy serious.

I am annoyed with Obama I think he has so much potential, I think he really intended to help America (Although after all of the racial epithets about him and his family I would have lost faith in a country that hates my color).  I’d be surprised if he lost the presidency this year (I mean seriously…look at the GOP) but Obama needs to start doing a bit more. He has my support because I loved some of his ideas, but he needs to get his voice heard (in other words ‘grow a pair’)… and fast!


I truly hate to admit this…


I am horribly addicted to celebrity /entertainment  news. I have no idea where this fascination even comes from… I think I’m more impressed that there are people who keep tabs on other people you know the  “famous people” (note the quotes), and they’re so stinking good at it! This has been a fascination of mine for a very long time. I love to read and at that I love to read things that are “to the point”, most entertainment news is “to the point” (well usually).  Like I stated in the title of this post I truly do hate to admit it but you can quiz me on the latest celebrity scandals, rumors , reports , I’ve always got the latest exposé…


But on the other hand…


I believe there is a problem with a society that elevates celebrities, who are human beings, to almost god-like statuses.  I am always  interested in what goes on, but I think that at some point celebrities should close their lives to the public and just enjoy living (Dear Kardashians please heed my advice).
I understand that being a celebrity may make you a “public figure” but not every aspect of your life should be on public display i.e. your wedding or your child’s birth (which is just weird might I add). This part of entertainment news I find sickening.

I am also concerned for the children of celebrities, growing up in front of a camera can take its toll. Many celebrities troubled children or even child stars who struggled with drug addiction or have just disappeared from the limelight altogether.

Don’t get me wrong it’s cool to know  the latest designs because most of the time celebrities get them first (which sucks might I add). Or to see some famous folks at award shows (another one of my vices) or seeing Beyonce shopping  in Brooklyn with her security detail close behind  but seriously, sometimes I feel like some celebrities need the attention so they have something left to live for, and society just feeds into it and continues to place these people on a citadel … but for what really?

I saw a commercial today and it got me thinking

Which life is of more importance?


So I saw one of those commercials on TV about the SPCA . You know, one of those Ads that use pathos (an appeal to your emotions) to manipulate you into feeling terrible for not doing something about their cause. You know the commercial with the sad slow music and fragile looking dogs with the huge eyes. I have nothing against animal lovers, or their causes… but it makes my stomach turn to think that people would jump to give money to save animals, but children die everyday. There are clothing stores for people’s pets, and even animal fashion shows, and no one finds it a bit sickening. There are dogs that eat better than human beings. I guess my real problem is that I feel people are worried about the wrong things these days…

I promised to be fair..


And I will stay true to that but I was reading on the Huffington Post like I usually do and of course I ran into some political articles. Generally I steer clear of these types of articles because my blood boils when I read most of them, not because of the content usually but because of the commentary by  people who are fed up and need to blame someone.Before I say anything I  feel the need to tell you that I consider myself “Independent” when it comes to politics, I really don’t have a side picked. That being said I am irritated with the views of those who swore that the debt crisis America is in could be fixed in a 4 year presidency. The financial crisis began in 2008 officially(some argue it started in 2007) when president Bush was in office. I feel as though President Obama has done an alright job considering, in my opinion he could have done more but he is only human. Americans put him on a pedestal when he was being sworn in they idolized him but they forgot that he was a human being as they are too. I think the President has done what he could possibly in these last three years, and I feel as though he is fit for his job and another four years, especially since the current GOP has no clear leader yet, and to be honest I don’t see one. As I have stated before I am an Independent I do not agree completely with the Democratic party but neither do I favor the Republican party.  I am welcoming anyone’s commentary, and please remember this is a neutral zone everyone’s ideas and commentary will be respected, I love to hear from all sides … it keeps life interesting.

I will be voting for the first in the 2012 Election I just like to hear about everything.