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Move to Canada People…


I visited Montreal to see that UFC fight (I’ll tell you about that in my next post) and I absolutely love it there! It’s a really lovely place,  I almost felt guilty for “cheating” on NYC with Montreal that’s HOW MUCH I loved it.

BUT! This post isn’t really about Canada or my recent trip there it’s about whiny Americans who can’t get over the results of the election. 

I have seen more whiny Facebook posts, Tweets and other forms of social media over the past three weeks than I can count. There have been racial epithets, insults and the usual blame game. It’s been childish really, I’ll liken this (though plenty will disagree) to a bunch of little league-rs losing their soccer match and throwing a temper tantrum, a three week long temper tantrum.

I understand whatever disappointments there may be, but the US constitution is designed to give the states more power, why not utilize this? You’re unhappy with something? Talk to the senator? They aren’t untouchable you know?  I just don’t understand all of the complaining, if you hate something so badly attempt to change it! Or move to Canada!



I found this website/blog called…

Standard and it really sort of disturbed me. No scratch that, it did disturb me. I am the last person to promote unhealthy living, but having “starving tips of the day” when young girls can see this stuff is a bit unnerving. ( She has since modified her website/blog to not include these)

I started reading some of the material on there and came across this,, and this is how I responded:

Let me start by saying that I in no way shape or form agree with someone claiming they are ‘plus-sized’ when the truth is they don’t want to put down the donuts and eat some lettuce every once in a while.I do agree that most people these days have found every excuse in the book to not call themselves large, especially in America. Where I come from they tell you if you have gained weight, they let you know it’s noticeable, the women don’t run off crying in the bathroom we try to fix it, to live better, longer, and happier lives. That being said.  I am not a self-proclaimed “fat-lover” as you have so colorfully stated, but what I will say is that I believe you send the wrong message. Women  were not all built to fit a specific mold. We come in different shapes and sizes. I am 5’7 (same height as you) and I am not 100 lbs (as you’ve stated that you are in your ‘About Me’ section) does that make me fat? I don’t over-eat, I have a healthy diet and I exercise regularly (love those Pilates!), but sadly in your mind I would still be deemed a “fat-girl”. I actually came across your blog, when I read about it in an article online about your comments on a model and I didn’t believe that this actually existed. I think what you do can be extremely damaging (I’ve read through other parts of your blog)… I am worried about the young girls who come across your blog  and think that being 100 lbs is the ONLY way to go. It isn’t we aren’t all built the same and it is unfair of you to write the things you do on your blog. You say that people don’t find ‘Big’ beautiful, but that isn’t true most renaissance paintings depicted fuller figured women because back then this was the societal norm; that was their beautiful. I thought we were past this idea of fitting in, and looking like what everyone else tells us to? I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I DO NOT support people who eat unhealthily and then call themselves “plus-sized” because they don’t want to take care of themselves, but I do support healthy living, all women who are considered “plus-sized don’t live of off donuts, and healthy is not always a size 2 …

She is correct that we live in a society that glorifies over-consumption of everything (not just food!) but she is also forgetting that women (and men) are built differently. At 5’7, with broad shoulder, a high waist, and wide hips I could never be the 100 lbs she boasts to be on her page (her and I are the same height). It is anatomically impossible, and improbable for me to ever be that thin.  I try to eat properly, I never over-eat, I exercise and try to stay as active as possible, but in her eyes I’m still a “fat-girl” … and according to her big isn’t beautiful. I understand when she says there are double standards when it comes to skinnier people, everyone loves to tell them what to eat, that what they look like is “wrong”, but I also believe that her writing some of the things she’s written about bigger people has placed her in the same boat as the same people who criticize her weight.

To sum it all up she makes some valid points, but she has very little tact and I’ll admit that I was a bit outraged that she had the audacity to write some of the things she did. I think young women who come across this site are bound to leave feeling like they are less because they have curves, we aren’t all meant to be rail thin, we’re not all meant to be “plus-sized”  either… what happened to everyone being beautiful, no matter what they looked like ? Who decides what’s beautiful anymore …?

Grammatical Pet Peeves


This was inspired by a recent twitter rant :

So I know a few people who make it seem like they are pissing their ways through college… and that they are so smart they can do anything. And they are just so above it all. Well, I have something to say to if you’re so darned smart why don’t you know the difference between

[They’re, Their and There.  To, Too and Two]

Irritate Me…


I know I haven’t posted in a little , and I hate to start off on such a negative note but I was just thinking today about things that irritate me…
And if you’re wondering why you should care
….well, because you just should!


Let’s Begin…

1) Whiners!
No one likes a whiner, why? Because no one likes listening to a whiner. Who wants to talk to someone who complains all of the time and usually about things that either cannot change or they won’t change themselves.


 Ugh! I’m so tired of being fat, I look disgusting all of the time [while eating a jelly donut, …and fries]

… Eew

RS:   “Why are your impulse control issues… my problem?”


2) Young people who claim to “know about politics” but really don’t know about politics…

Society is convinced that Generation Y are a bunch of “know-it-alls” who really don’t know too much at all. At the ripe ole age of 18 please don’t tell me that Ronald Reagan was the greatest president… you weren’t even alive during his presidency.


I’m voting for him because I believe in ‘CHANGE‘ and it’ll be cool to have a Black president! [say’s the girl who’s actually a conservative, until she needs an abortion ] YIKES!

RS :  “So what kind of change?…And not because he’s qualified, but because he’s Black? Right…


3) People who have no direction…

Alright so maybe this shouldn’t really bother me because everyone has that phase… sorta,but seriously this gets super annoying . Today you’re an English major tomorrow you’re a Liberal Arts major,  and then a History major, then Business… only to settle on Musical Theater.



Clueless Child: “I have no idea what to major in, or what to do with my life…”

Smart Friend: “Isn’t your tuition like 70k a year?”

Clueless Child:         “yeah…”

Smart Friend:     “what are your hobbies? Maybe that will help,”

Clueless Child:      “I like to walk dogs and sing in the shower! Maybe I’ll sing! And become famous!” *begins to sing

Smart Friend:      “Save your money,”

This list could be longer, but then I would only be contradicting number one …

I don’t like to talk about things like this, but I honestly cannot help myself.


I was looking forward to 2012 and what it had in store for me until I realized that this year just might annoy me to death., and no not just because everyone is convinced that the world just might end because a calender made by the Mayans (they more than likely just ran out of space on the darn thing) who predicted our fate . I am annoyed because I will have to deal with all of the campaigns for presidency and the attacks on Obama, and I feel compelled to to talk about what I’m seeing and hearing.

When president Clinton left office in 2000 there was a projected surplus by 2018, when president Bush took office (and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because the twin towers were struck in 2001) that all changed. George W. Bush is not completely to blame, the attitudes and wastefulness of American is also to blame. We have watched super powers collapse for year, why did\do we think that our economy (thought the largest in the world) cannot  collapse? This mindset is appalling and as we see today, in the news in economic reports,etc. it is far from true. I am an independent when it comes to politics; I wouldn’t consider myself a liberal at all, but I would say the way people have viewed Obama and what he has done thus far is a bit harsh. The president who came before him was  quite incompetent (people may argue that Obama is also), alongside the mismanagement of funds by the banks, and other financial entities left Obama with an overwhelming job. With a national debt 403% of the GDP in 2007 (I shutter to think what it is now) the president cannot fix the state of the economy in two terms let alone the one he has yet to finish serving.

 “Why don’t you take a look at where the debt came from instead of who was stuck with it.”

-Anonymous comment online

I agree!

On the other hand I was told that Obama promised he could fix this in one term… (I’m guessing he’s never taken an economics course?) I have no idea how much truth there is to that statement but why would he make such an absurd promise, to later backtrack. Another thing I can’t stand is that Obama is so passive. Though he may have had great ideas to help stimulate the American economy. He is not aggressive enough with congress to get them to take the economy serious.

I am annoyed with Obama I think he has so much potential, I think he really intended to help America (Although after all of the racial epithets about him and his family I would have lost faith in a country that hates my color).  I’d be surprised if he lost the presidency this year (I mean seriously…look at the GOP) but Obama needs to start doing a bit more. He has my support because I loved some of his ideas, but he needs to get his voice heard (in other words ‘grow a pair’)… and fast!

Racism’s newest and most popular outlet : “the internet”


I have to write about this before my head explodes!

As much as people would like to pretend that racism is so “1950’s” and that because we are in the year 2012 society has evolved so much that racism is merely an afterthought… Well to all of those : wake up! People pretend to be morally outraged when they witness it then they get on with their lives and pat themselves on the back because it makes them feel so good to be so “accepting”… but I digress. The point is that racism is everywhere and its’ presence is most powerful on the internet.

For some strange reason sitting behind a keyboard gives people this false sense of power, the most hateful and demeaning things are said,recorded ,tweeted etc. on the internet. I have read more racial epithets about the President and his family since his election than I’d like to admit. I’ve been called all kinds of “n***er” over the internet, I’ve been told that Black women are the most undesirable race of women, and that 42% have herpes and that we are worthless. I have seen the N-word in all forms and it burns every time I see or hear it, especially from Blacks (will blog more about just this issue). I have seen someone trying to be “funny” by attempting to post swastikas all over their Facebook (by the way they used the wrong sign, and my family is Jewish). I have run into most of the racism on YouTube, I plan to write a letter to their corporate offices to let them know they should monitor their comments better… it’s disgusting.

I have been told that my race is full of dogs, that we are animals. It has become so increasingly overwhelming for me not that I have struggled with low self-esteem, but waking up everyday knowing that society hates me because of the way I look is hard and disheartening, I feel like I have to work a million times harder to prove that I am an equal.

I feel worse for my brother, he is one of the most brilliant human beings I have ever had the chance to know, but people will always judge him because he’s a Black male. We are the nothings of society, we are the “throw aways” , we are worthless objects of ridicule and yet … we are still here.

My real problem with the cowards who sit behind their computers and spew hate via the “inter webs” is that none of this will ever be said to my face or any other Black person at that. I call them cowards because this is what they are, not only because they sit behind their computers and type horrible things about other people, but because they are not brave enough to better themselves: they would rather bask in their ignorance.

I really don’t know sometimes whether or not to feel angry or sad. Most days I am a combination of both but I do know one thing : I will never stoop to that level, I am so much better than that.

I saw a commercial today and it got me thinking

Which life is of more importance?


So I saw one of those commercials on TV about the SPCA . You know, one of those Ads that use pathos (an appeal to your emotions) to manipulate you into feeling terrible for not doing something about their cause. You know the commercial with the sad slow music and fragile looking dogs with the huge eyes. I have nothing against animal lovers, or their causes… but it makes my stomach turn to think that people would jump to give money to save animals, but children die everyday. There are clothing stores for people’s pets, and even animal fashion shows, and no one finds it a bit sickening. There are dogs that eat better than human beings. I guess my real problem is that I feel people are worried about the wrong things these days…