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“Slight” life change, but I’m being cautious ..


First, allow me to say that I have neglected my blog for quite sometime and I really do have a good excuse. I was busy with schoolwork and life.. and more school work … and sometimes sleep if I were lucky… but that’s not what I really wanna talk about…

When I was younger I would watch television and plays put on, I would run into the bathroom lock the door behind me and spend hours mimicking the lines and movements of those I had watched. I tried to pursue this but it was a financial commitment my family could not make, so the older I got the more this dream began to fade away. I thought it unrealistic that I could ever become an actress, and then I began to criticize those who were following their dreams. The truth is that I was jealous because they were brave enough to follow their dreams and I was not. I thought myself the logical and practical  person for pushing my dreams aside. OKAY, don’t get me wrong I love my course work and I love what I am studying and that is not changing at all, but I have also decided to pursue acting. I know I may sound silly but I don’t want to look back and think “well, I wonder what could have been?”. I know that will haunt me, I’m not looking to become some hotshot (though it does sound nice) I just want to tell a story.

To people who know me, I think they believe this came out of left field, but I am glad to say that most of them support me. I am now 20 years old, and all I keep thinking is that I could have done this earlier, I could have been well on my way in my career. Then I think about all of the people I have encountered being in college the opportunities that have I have been awarded because of all my hard work, and I don’t regret my decision to go to college and study Marketing (gotta sell myself right?) and Economics (I can play a politician/Banker/Mogul? hah!). I have been looking for an acting coach, or classes I can take to strengthen my resume [because all of my professional internships mean jack to a talent agency].  I guess I should get small speaking roles in student films, actually I’ll try to be an extra. I guess I really need to work this all out…

At least I’ll know I tried right?


Some music on my Ipod


Alright I know, I know what’s with all of these music posts? I think I have great taste in music and I want to share is that so bad? Sheesh! 

Ok so I watched Breaking Dawn (don’t judge me ok?) and though the Twilight movies aren’t popular with everyone,  they  always have some really great music, which where I discovered these guys, “The Features” …


This is “Kimbra” you may have heard her sweet yet super soulful voice on Gotye’s  track “Somebody that I used to know” I truly enjoy her music, this is one of  her more  popular tracks…


I don’t know if too many people know about “Little Dragon”  but they’re  very good this is my  favorite song by them, the intro is a bit lengthy if you want to fast-forward …

Enjoy my friends…

These would be a bit depressing…


If they weren’t so absolutely gorgeous. they’re just so beautiful  you  just want to cry

I appreciate the talent that went into creating them.

…I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wonder down I wanna’ come too I think that possibly maybe I’m falling for you,”- Landon Pigg

” I’ve waited a hundred years…but I’d wait a million more for you…”Sleeping at Last 

“Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found”  – Sia

I know I’m a bit sappy at time… but you love it!  *Cheers my loves and enjoy!*

I truly hate to admit this…


I am horribly addicted to celebrity /entertainment  news. I have no idea where this fascination even comes from… I think I’m more impressed that there are people who keep tabs on other people you know the  “famous people” (note the quotes), and they’re so stinking good at it! This has been a fascination of mine for a very long time. I love to read and at that I love to read things that are “to the point”, most entertainment news is “to the point” (well usually).  Like I stated in the title of this post I truly do hate to admit it but you can quiz me on the latest celebrity scandals, rumors , reports , I’ve always got the latest exposé…


But on the other hand…


I believe there is a problem with a society that elevates celebrities, who are human beings, to almost god-like statuses.  I am always  interested in what goes on, but I think that at some point celebrities should close their lives to the public and just enjoy living (Dear Kardashians please heed my advice).
I understand that being a celebrity may make you a “public figure” but not every aspect of your life should be on public display i.e. your wedding or your child’s birth (which is just weird might I add). This part of entertainment news I find sickening.

I am also concerned for the children of celebrities, growing up in front of a camera can take its toll. Many celebrities troubled children or even child stars who struggled with drug addiction or have just disappeared from the limelight altogether.

Don’t get me wrong it’s cool to know  the latest designs because most of the time celebrities get them first (which sucks might I add). Or to see some famous folks at award shows (another one of my vices) or seeing Beyonce shopping  in Brooklyn with her security detail close behind  but seriously, sometimes I feel like some celebrities need the attention so they have something left to live for, and society just feeds into it and continues to place these people on a citadel … but for what really?

Another Earth : Review by Renee S.



I review movies I watch it’s what I do, or at least it’s what I like to do when I have time. I recently got to watch a film I have been dying to see it’s called Another Earth. I think I was even more interested in this film because I read about the lead (who also happens to be one of the writers of the movie), Brit Marling, who graduated from Georgetown with a degree in Economics(which I’m studying also!) and was offered a position with big time investment bank Goldman Sachs, and rejected the position to become an artist (cool right?!) . I digress sorry, this is my “review” …

Another Earth : Review by Renee S. 

IMDb Quick Summary : On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

Another Earth is mesmerizing, and though it is a sci-fi film it is also a powerful psychological drama  and a dark one at that. Rhoda is a 17 year old, recently accepted to MIT when the film begins.She is driving home from a party when she begins looking up at the newly discovered planet in the sky, and she strikes another vehicle killing a man’s pregnant wife and five year old son. The husband, William Mapother, went into a short coma which is why I suspect he has no idea what she looks like. When she leaves prison she does not attend MIT but decides to become a janitor instead, as she does not want to do anything that will allow her to think too much, nor does she want to interact with anyone. She feels guilty and she decides one day to apologize to William  but instead she loses her nerve and begins cleaning his house hoping that she can somehow help to make his life better.

I loved this film, I know this sounds strange but there is something really light about this film. This is not like other sci-fi films it does not need over the top CGI or graphics because they are  not needed to tell the story. The other plant dubbed Earth II is an ever present thought,  questions are always raised… did Rhoda commit the same mistake? Is William’s family still alive?… Have they all made the same mistakes? The writing was superb and actress Brit Marling portrayed Rhoda beautifully, my guess is because she helped write the character she was so familiar with her,every step of the way we feel Rhoda’s pain. Though it is a sci-fi film it is oddly a story we can all connect with, we have all made mistakes and we would all wonder the same things if there were another you out there (even though we all know that another earth may not appear in the sky tomorrow) .  This is truly a breath of fresh air , it’s different and it is really hard to stop watching, oh and no spoilers but I loved the ending, the last few seconds of the film are really cool. Go see it!



Another Earth, Melancholia (Movies)


I am dying to see these two movies! … I’ll put up some reviews once I actually get to watch them.  I really like sci-fi type movies, ones that will make you think. I also have a weakness for superhero movies, anyway I digress… I’m going to watch them now so I’ll let you all know how they were!