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Move to Canada People…


I visited Montreal to see that UFC fight (I’ll tell you about that in my next post) and I absolutely love it there! It’s a really lovely place,  I almost felt guilty for “cheating” on NYC with Montreal that’s HOW MUCH I loved it.

BUT! This post isn’t really about Canada or my recent trip there it’s about whiny Americans who can’t get over the results of the election. 

I have seen more whiny Facebook posts, Tweets and other forms of social media over the past three weeks than I can count. There have been racial epithets, insults and the usual blame game. It’s been childish really, I’ll liken this (though plenty will disagree) to a bunch of little league-rs losing their soccer match and throwing a temper tantrum, a three week long temper tantrum.

I understand whatever disappointments there may be, but the US constitution is designed to give the states more power, why not utilize this? You’re unhappy with something? Talk to the senator? They aren’t untouchable you know?  I just don’t understand all of the complaining, if you hate something so badly attempt to change it! Or move to Canada!



America : “living in the now”


I had a conversation with someone on the subway last night, we danced around our political ideologies but we actually spent a good amount of time talking about how uninterested most Americans seemed in investing in their future and making decisions that will affect everyone, and not just the individual. Americans also seem to be interested in the “quick-fix” meaning they seldom plan for the long-term, for example our energy policy… I don’t understand why sustainability and more dependable fuels are not something Americans care to invest in… this seem simple no?


  • This is by no means an attack on one party or the other…(I actually identify as an “Independent” <- I don’t “‘it” either side) this was just an observation