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Update: Just so you know…


So I have moved to Germany, I’ve been living in Mannheim for about 3 weeks now, I’m sorry I haven’t updated this page it’s just that most of my energy has been channeled into my other blog The Personnes Noires so in a way I have neglected this blog 😦

[my bad].

I don’t mean to it’s just that coming here to study for a few months, having to learn a new language , and way of learning has taken up more of my time than I’d like to admit.

I’d love to be able to travel a bit more while I’m here, I just need to free up a bit of my time… but until then I have some pretty cool pictures that I’ve taken of Mannheim, Germany so far [SEE BELOW] And check out my blog, my stories are pretty awesome 😉

Lovely church near my FLAT.




My first bottle of wine here, it was crazy cheap like 2 euros, which was awesome.



That Church again…. but a night and a bit closer.


Turkish Food, Donerteller, I love it… literally was just eating some.




Super cool street art near my flat, more to come.





This is me pretending like I have money. It’s great. Hah!


This is the Tram stop… There’s a little cafe close by called : Cafe Prag, awesome coffee





I’m honestly not sure what this building is but I intend to find out….


I live on this street 🙂



Close by where most of my classes are held.



This is the ICE, Deutsch Bahn train …. this was taken at the Frankfurt airport before my arrival in Mannheim.







I’m moving to Germany…


Only for a few months though. You can breath!

I will be studying abroad (something I was dead set on not doing since I was sure it’d cost too much) in a city about an hour south of Frankfurt, Germany called Mannheim. I’ll be attending the University of Mannheim, apparently this school is the number one business & Economics school in Germany (pretty cool yeah?). I’m looking forward to all of the travelling I intend to do and I will post as many pictures as I can while I am there.

I’m really nervous because I speak no German, I understand little words here or there but it still will be very nerve wracking to live in a place where I won’t know a single thing they’re saying. I’m up for the challenge though. So far I know the basics. Which doesn’t even begin to touch what I should probably know. But, I’m ready to jump right in ! … I think (hah!)

*Photo from Google of the University of Mannheim