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I’m moving to Germany…


Only for a few months though. You can breath!

I will be studying abroad (something I was dead set on not doing since I was sure it’d cost too much) in a city about an hour south of Frankfurt, Germany called Mannheim. I’ll be attending the University of Mannheim, apparently this school is the number one business & Economics school in Germany (pretty cool yeah?). I’m looking forward to all of the travelling I intend to do and I will post as many pictures as I can while I am there.

I’m really nervous because I speak no German, I understand little words here or there but it still will be very nerve wracking to live in a place where I won’t know a single thing they’re saying. I’m up for the challenge though. So far I know the basics. Which doesn’t even begin to touch what I should probably know. But, I’m ready to jump right in ! … I think (hah!)

*Photo from Google of the University of Mannheim


Studying in Germany.


I had my heart set on going to London, I love to travel, but I’ve yet to visit Europe so I figured with such a central location I’d be able to travel everywhere every weekend and see most of Europe while I was there. BUT! My study abroad adviser suggested a few other places (he probably thought I was lazy because I speak two other languages,French & Spanish, and I didn’t want to to study in those countries) and after great thought I decided that studying in Germany would be a great idea! I’ll keep you posted on the details [or I’ll try at least]