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Choice [short story]


“You’re doing the right thing,” He paused “I promise” he said with confidence, he smiled brightly at her and she reciprocated with a small twitch at the side of her mouth.

The politicians argue that we have the right to choose, she thought

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” He said trying to rid the room of silence

“They told me not to eat anything,” she mumbled looking at her feet.

“Oh,” He said “Well, maybe afterward then?”

“No,” she said simply

“Why?” he pressed

“Because today I want to make a choice that is my own!” she snapped.

You should have seen that coming,  he thought and simply nodded his head “OK.”


Why are we rushing? [SLOW DOWN]


I think maybe the one criticism I have about living in NYC is that the people are always ‘on-the-go’ ; they never slow down… I get that this city has to move a mile a minute but its such a wonderful place , how can we explore what it really has to offer if we don’t stop for a few and see?
I recently realized that sometimes I rush for no reason. I’ve slowed down, I’ve decided to eat my food slower, savor the taste. Stop for a few moments breathe in (its city air, but still there’s always battery park)

I don’t know … this was just a thought that ran through my mind the other day after I watched a man freak-out on an escalator because he couldn’t walk up it.


To make a long story short he did walk up the escalator only to wind up three steps in front if me. What was the point? He made a fool of himself and still didn’t get too far, seems like a waste to me.

What I’m trying to say is : slow down, savor life, you’re not going anywhere just yet

………………….but then again that isn’t for me to decide