I’m Renee and…

I find it very difficult sometimes to talk about myself unless there are specific questions, so this whole abstract description of me could fail miserably but here goes:


I am a student in the greatest place in ‘Amerikuh’ ; New York City. My fields of study are Economics & Marketing.

I am quite young, but I’ve got a world of life experience most adults have never, and probably will never have had to experience, which I have learned to be grateful for. I have a different outlook on life which I can partly credit with my upbringing on the island of Jamaica. <- Child rearing is different there [At least that’s what I believe]

I have many interests, mostly because I have a mind that literally goes a mile-a-minute sometimes, so please forgive me if it feels as though I am rambling.

I love: Reading, Writing (author of The Personne Noires), Traveling, Designing, Laughing/ Smiling, Appreciating life, Thinking, Helping (where I can), and Learning (any and everything).

I really enjoy: Fashion, Film (I ❤ Movies), The Environment, Water, Numbers (they tell the stories words can-not), Puzzles, Designing Clothes, Realists, Logic and of course: LIFE

I don’t enjoy:  Pessimists, Labels, Racism, Stereotypes, Election Year, Narcissists (even though I probably appear like one, naming a website after myself and all)…Idiots (though, they can be quite fun)


I write because it is a release and….. because my left and right brain constantly fight each other for dominance.  I’m not a simple person, I don’t think that’s an accurate description of myself, but I don’t want to be labeled as a complex person either. I guess after all of this writing I’ll figure it out.

My blog may seem a bit random, and direction-less but that is simply because I developed this blog to satisfy my creative urges, to organize my thoughts better and of course to write, which is why I very much appreciate the people who come and read.




 *I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and reading… I’m sure it’s not always an easy read. 


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  1. Hey, right brain….shuddup!!!!! Let left brain thrive, make the money and THEN indulge you…think smarter, not more creatively…hahahahahaha!!!
    signed – THE MOMMA

  2. Divide your brain chores and conquer the dilemma. Be a master of your brain, let right do the right and also ensure that the other half is not left alone. Because somewhere in some science book I read that left brain controls right half of your body & vice-versa. By having a fully functional brain you’ll be master of your own being. And I have no clue what I have just said. If you have patiently followed my ramblings so far you would have known that there are people out there determined to write incoherent things beyond one’s imagination, so stop blaming yourself. Nope you don’t need to start a blog to prove you’re not boring. Starting a blog process you are creative. I’ll try to follow the labors of both side of your brains, am interested to see which one prevails.

  3. You’re such a pretty girl and I just know with the two sides of your brain equally utilized that you will be a success ! Keep up the good work Renee Stephanie.

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